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Telemedicine + Phone Sessions Available

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Are your psychiatric services covered by my insurance plan?

We are not members of any HMO/ PPO insurance plan. Many insurance policies provide out of network benefits that reimburse our services to varying degrees. The patient is free to file for these benefits if desired.

What is your policy on privacy and confidentiality?

We offer a safe and confidential environment for our sessions. No information from your treatment will be discussed with any third party unless we decide it is useful to your treatment.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

We are interested in getting to know each patient individually so that we can understand their concerns and how these problems are currently affecting their lives. Once this process is accomplished, we will design a treatment plan and engage in addressing the problem.

How long does treatment take?

Although a common question, the length of treatment is highly variable. It depends upon the nature of the presenting issues and the patient's goals for treatment.

Why do you charge for missed sessions?

Since we only schedule one person per appointment time, that time slot is effectively sold once an appointment is made. The investment in keeping appointments is not only financial, but also directly translates into achieving goals for our clients.

What are your exclusive psychiatric services?

We only schedule one patient per appointment time. We will schedule as much time as needed for any particular patient. This structure allows us to start and finish appointments as scheduled.

Are Telemedicine and Phone Sessions available?

Yes, we do offer Telemedicine and Phone Sessions, allowing our patients to conveniently engage in a session from most locations. Just reach out to us to schedule your appointment through a phone call or our online contact form. We will respond to you promptly to set up your appointment and determine which connection-style you prefer for your session.

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What is your availability?

We return phone calls and email inquiries promptly, and are personally available for emergencies 24 hours a day. We have flexible appointment hours to facilitate your ongoing treatment and to provide availability for urgent sessions as need.

How soon can I make an initial appointment?

We are dedicated to offering an appointment time as soon as possible, often within a day of your call or email inquiry.

What are your hours?

We have appointment hours available Monday through Friday.

What is your availability outside our scheduled appointment time?

We provide additional psychiatry services such as emergency and weekend calls to pharmacies, timely report writing and prompt coordination of care.

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