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Laura Lee Anders MD

Laura Lee Anders MD

Laura Lee Anders MD

My biggest strength as a clinician is how I interact with patients. In my 13+ years of practice, I’ve developed a caring and supportive approach that allows patients to be at ease during sessions. I treat patients with kindness and respect and am truly interested their stories and feelings. An old-fashioned treatment approach is for the psychiatrist to be neutral and not show emotion towards the patient. I believe this is outdated and can actually cause harm in some patients. In my office you will find a friendly, warm environment.

As a general psychiatrist, I treat most psychiatric syndromes and I have a clinical interest in anxiety disorders, mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar) and ADHD. I provide medication management by itself or in the course of psychotherapy. I also provide medication for patients who already have a therapist. In this situation, the therapist and I coordinate care to make sure we are in agreement and support of the treatment plan.

I provide several different types of psychotherapy services. One is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a scientifically proven way to address many different psychiatric syndromes. In it, I address dysfunctional thought patterns through exercises and homework. I also provide Insight Oriented Psychotherapy which is a deeper look at patterns of behaviors that are unconsciously driven. I also provide Supportive Psychotherapy for patients who are currently in a crisis.

Patients often state their goal of treatment is the relief of psychiatric symptoms. Tracking symptoms with a scale or survey is a good way to concretely know if the patient is improving on the current treatment plan or if changes need to be made. I regularly use scales to assist with assessment and believe my patients benefit from it.

I am board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. I received my Medical Degree at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. After completing my psychiatric residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, I opened a private practice. I have had further training in the Adult Psychotherapy Program of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, the Beck Cognitive Institute and CREDO at the University of Oxford. I also have specialized training in treating OCD from the International OCD Foundation.


Words from our Patients

  • I would give more stars if I could.

    Dr. Anders is very kind, understanding, funny, and also will give you a kick in the butt when you need it.

    She has helped me in so many ways, and I just thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon her.

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  • I trust Dr. Lynch's competence and professionalism so much that I would personally refer a family member or friend to Dr. Lynch.

    If you want someone who gets results and is well regarded by his clients, schedule your next appointment with Dr. Lynch!.

    ••• On William R. Lynch MD •••
  • Dr. Anders is fantastic, personable, and easy to talk to.

    Definitely the best psychiatrist I have ever seen (and I've seen quite a few).

    Highly recommend.

    ••• On Laura Lee Anders MD •••
  • Dr. Lynch has seen many of our clients.

    He is immediately responsive and schedules appointments in the same week, even same day, as the referral, unlike most other psychiatrists.

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